Info an Bürger- Strassensperrung Luxemburger Allee


Sales Office Auf Mont Luxemburger Allee 22

The sales office in Luxemburger Allee 22 remains closed until further notice.

Please contact us via mail or phone for all your questions or to arrange individual appointments.


Mobile: 00352/691 156 553





Sales Office open Sunday 15th of March from 11am-6pm

Our Sales Office is open this Sunday

Ther construction company DAVINCI HAUS ( timberframe construction) is our guest this Sunday

Use the opportunity to get free advise on house building with DAVINCI

We are looking forward meeting you on Auf Mont

Reserve your favorite plot in phase 6.



Sales Office open this Saturday 26/10

We are on site this Saturday 26th of October 2019 from 2-6 pm

Looking forward meeting you on Auf Mont.

The sales office is located on Luxemburger Allee 22


The building company Keitel Haus will be present in our sales office

Use the option to get free advise on house building.



Davinci Haus at our sales office the 29th of September from 11am to 6pm

Davinci Haus will be our guest this Sunday 29th of September on site.

Stop by at our sales office in Luxemburger Allee 22 to get all information about Davinci Haus and building land on Auf Mont

You also have the chance to visit the new Davinci house of one of our clients.

We are looking forward meeting you



Fair" mein Zuhause" in Trier the 14+15 September 2019

We are on the fair this weekend on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm.

Please stop by at stand 14 to meet the Auf Mont Team.

We are looking forward meeting you in the Arena in Trier


Sales Office open the 21 of September 2019 from 2-6 pm

We are looking forward meeting you on Auf Mont

Our sales office is located on Luxemburger Allee 22


New bakery in Wicheringen

Brothaus Moberg, a small family owned bakery from Bilzingen, has taken over the bakery ”Hackenberger” in Saarstraße 14 in Wincheringen. After a short break for refurbishment the bakery will open beginning of February. The bakery will open seven days a week, starting at 6am Monday to Saturday and 7am on Sundays. Customers will find a selection of bread and rolls, pastry and cake but also take-away sandwiches from 6am onwards. The little café will extend the offering with lunch and a breakfast buffet. The owners have a clear goal: „We aim to be a modern bakery with excellent handmade sustainable products with a regional touch – in a very nice and welcoming atmosphere“. Bianka and Joerg Moberg have succesfully driven a bakery and a café in Stockholm, Sweden, so there is a chance tat you can find some swedish treats too.


News on site: 11 new plots to be developed in spring 2019!

This spring we will develop 11 new plots on site. The plots are located up on top of the hill in the Prager Allee, here marked in red on the picture below.

The plots are very flat and easy to build on. The development of these plots will start as soon as the weather allows and are as of now already possible to reserve.

We expect the plots and the street to be finished by late summer 2019.

For further information please contact us on:


Save the date - Carneval 2019

For the upcoming session, the KCW is well prepared, true to the motto: Ze Wenicher is de Fösendsbünn, ​​ze fréih, ze spéit, egal, wei rünn!
Remaining tickets for the Kappensitzungen are available at Gasthaus Backendorf (Heidi) in Wincheringen.

Registration for the carnival parade and further information under


The Proust Questionnaire - Mira Sidia

 So we continue with our questionnaire also in 2019...

Last year we ended with Ramunas Astrauskas and this year we start with our Fitness-Guru Mira Sidia!

Have a look at what she has to say about the following questions:


What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Being able and wake up in the morning and be who you really are.

What is your most marked characteristic? Always in training gear.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? Giving 3 natural birth.

What is your greatest fear? Not being able to physically move .

Which historical figure do you most identify with? Jane Fonda
Which living person do you most admire? Madonna
Who are your heroes in real life? Heroes are the once that never complain.

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Adult manners..

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Dedication

What is your favorite journey? Might sound cheesy, but it is really the journey of life, every year has something new to bring to the story.

What is your greatest regret? If you put a gun to my head I still would have no answer.. and then the regret would be, I should have made up a story when having a gun to my head.

What is your current state of mind? “Las Vegas” (life is a Party but you still have to keep your chips well stacked).

If you could change one thing about your family, what would it be? The Distance (km)

What is your most treasured possession?
A coconut i still keep from our wedding.

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Being out of reason to get up in the morning.

Where would you like to live?
The list is long... not decided yet!

What is your favorite occupation? Guess we all know the answer to this one... ?

What is the quality you most like in a man? When a man takes accountability being a man.

What is the quality you most like in a woman? The ability to take pain and manage struggle.

What are your favorite names?
Aliyah, Yaminah and Million”
What is your motto? “Why?“


Meet your neighbor - The Leguit Family

Team Auf Mont would like to welcome the Leguit Family to Wincheringen!

Another international family adding to the already very international community Auf Mont.

They just moved into their beautiful house in the Brüsseler Allee 23 and we hope they will like it here!

Family members (age on kids):

Yumi Yamazaki, Pieter Leguit, Mimi (7) and Shimon (5).


No animals yet – Mimi would like a cat, but with her father’s allergy she agreed to settle for a small rodent.


Yumi is Japanese and Pieter is Dutch; the kids have both nationalities.

Hobbies (or if kids do sports, music, etc):

Mimi does ballet, plays the violin and does horseback riding . Shimon plays soccer in Fisch and just started playing the piano.

Yumi plays tennis and has a black belt in ikebana; Pieter loves flyfishing and occasionally plays the piano and the guitar.

Both Yumi and Pieter have always been and will always be holiday golfers. Oh, and all of us love skiing.

Where you work (if you don’t want to specify, just write Luxembourg):

When we still lived in Tokyo, Yumi worked in the corporate services department of Merrill Lynch; now she takes care of the family.  Pieter works in the investment funds department of Loyens & Loeff in Luxembourg.

Where you lived before:

Before moving to Wincheringen we first lived in Tokyo, then in Amsterdam (where Mimi and Shimon were born), and lastly in Senningerberg.

How did you find out about Auf Mont:

Once we decided to stay around Luxembourg, we were looking to build or buy a house.  A colleague mentioned Auf Mont, we checked it out and liked it.

Why did you decide to move here:

Having lived in city centers for  long enough, we were looking forward to something more outdoorsy.  We love the nature, and particularly the view of the vineyards, that Auf Mont offers.  Also there is a nice sense of community, and the multiple nationalities make it very attractive for us to live here, given our own backgrounds.

Approx. move in date:

We moved in around 1 June 2018.


Sales Office open 19th of January 2019

Our Sales Office in Luxemburger Allee 22 is open this Saturday  from 2-5 pm

We are looking forward to meet you on site.

Pick your favorite plot and reserve it for 4 weeks without any obligation.


Bike+Run Sunday 27/05/2018

We are on site the entire Sunday to host the second edition of Auf Mont Bike+Run

More information on the webpage.

Please feel free to get in touch with us on Europa Platz - ask for Magnus or Annette!

Lokking forward meeting you on Auf Mont.


The Proust Questionnaire - Ramunas Astrauskas

Welcome to our first edition of the Proust Questionnaire. The Proust Questionnaire has its origins in a parlor game popularized (though not devised) by Marcel Proust, the French essayist and novelist, who believed that, in answering these questions, an individual reveals his or her true nature. Our first guest is Mr Ramunas Astrauskas (photo below)! Enjoy!

__1.__What is your idea of perfect happiness?

To feel independent and do what you like most.

__2.__What is your greatest fear?


__3.__What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?


__4.__What is the trait you most deplore in others?


__5.__Which living person do you most admire?

Mr. Valdas Adamkus, former President of Lithuania.

__6.__What is your greatest extravagance?

My hobbies.

__7.__What is your current state of mind?

Balanced -normal - happy.

__8.__What do you consider the most overrated virtue?


__9.__On what occasion do you lie?

When I deem to make other person feel better.

__10.__What do you most dislike about your appearance?


__11.__Which living person do you most despise?

My self.

__12.__What is the quality you most like in a man?


__13.__What is the quality you most like in a woman?


__14.__Which words or phrases do you most overuse?


__15.__What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My family.

__16.__When and where were you happiest?

Surfing (kiting) the waves in the ocean or climbing (on the bike or skis) the mountains.

__17.__Which talent would you most like to have?


__18.__If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?


__19.__What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Past and current work.

__20.__If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, what would it be?

Probably as very similar person.

__21.__Where would you most like to live?

On a remote island.

__22.__What is your most treasured possession?

Smart phone. My daily life depends on it.

__23.__What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?


__24.__What is your favorite occupation?

Media artist.

__25.__What is your most marked characteristic?

Sense of humour.

__26.__What do you most value in your friends?


__27.__Who are your favorite writers?

Alexandre Dumas, Paulo Coelho.

__28.__Who is your hero of fiction?

Paul Vitti (Robert Deniro).

__29.__Which historical figure do you most identify with?

Can’t think of anyone.

__30.__Who are your heroes in real life?

My wife.

__31.__What are your favorite names?

Neda, Adrew.

__32.__What is it that you most dislike?

The noise.

__33.__What is your greatest regret?

I don’t now it yet.

__34.__How would you like to die?

Without knowing it.

__35.__What is your motto?

To be happy and let others to feel the same way.


Kellertage Wincheringen Pentecost 2018

We guess that most Wincheringer's found their way to the one or the other winemaker last weekend!

A great event that brings people together. Not only people from Wincheringen, but also for the neighboring villages surrounding Wincheringen. Here a few photos to enjoy!



Meet your neighbors - The Family Ehrenstråhle

This time we will meet a new old family in Auf Mont!
The latest member is Leonore (7 months). Others are father Henrik, mother Karen and the children Amelie (8 years) and Carl (5 years).
The family Ehrenstråhle joined us as early as 2010. They found out about Auf Mont through Facebook in 2009.
They went to see the place and decided to buy one of the townhouses in the Schengener Allee. That awards them a spot in the Top 10 in the Who Came First List!
However, as the family grew bigger they realized that a bigger house was needed.  
Since the family is part Swedish, they decided to go for the classic Swedish woodhouse style.  The house is currently being built by Eksjöhus/Swedhouse.
The idea is to move in mid July this year.
They really like our site and the fact that it is so international and child friendly.
Both parents work in Luxembourg and claims that traffic is no problem for them. Wincheringen is well located being the closest access point to Luxembourg from Germany if you drive direction city center.
An Open House Event is planned on the 10th of June. So if you would like to know more about Swedish wood houses, you should swing by between 2-6pm!
Having said that, we re-welcome the Ehrenstråhle´s to Auf Mont!


Save the date: Auf Mont Bike 'n' Run 2018

Time to get in shape, folks!!


This years edition of the Auf Mont Bike 'n' Run will take place the 27th of May.

And just as last year we will organize music, food and drinks as well as nice prizes and medals for all kids that participates. More information will follow soon on our homepage

We hope to see you all there!

Have you seen the photos from last year?

If not, please click here!


Messages from the mayor!

 Senior afternoon 2018

For this year's Senior afternoon on the 18th of March 2018, from 14:30 clock, in the "Warsberger Hof", I have already invited all senior citizens and other guests with a personal letter.

I am looking forward to a happy and comfortable afternoon, as I have already experienced in the past years. The church choir Merzkirchen will delight us with singing lectures.

The volunteer fire department Wincheringen is available if needed for the drive home with a car service.

Compulsory registration

I ask all persons who have not yet registered to reside in Wincheringen, contrary to the rules of registration, to comply with this obligation.

For information, please contact the Bürgerbüro of the Verbandsgemeindeververwaltung Saarburg (

Historical exhibition

As part of the 1125th anniversary celebrations on 11th and 12th of August 2018, the history of our community (Wincheringen, Bilzingen and Söst) will be presented in an exhibition in the Gemeinderaum Kirchenberg.

I would be very happy if you could enrich this exhibition with historically interesting items from your private collection. These include newspaper clippings, blueprints, contracts, photos, posters, certificates, letters and books. Even works of art that have our community theme are welcome. I promise you that the exhibits will be handled carefully and gently and will be under surveillance during opening hours.

Please contact me at, 0151-58417249 or come to the Bürgersprechstunde (Wednesdays from 18:30 to 20:00 clock in Warsberghaus).

Historical parade

On August 12, 2018, a festive procession will be the highlight of our anniversary celebration. The train route is still set. All our residents are cordially invited to help shape the move and to go along in the procession.

Please register by e-mail at with the contact person, the number of participants and the historical topic.


Elmar Schömann




Dreck-Weg-Tag Saturday 17th of March 2018!

The commune of Wincheringen is organizing this year again, a "Dreck-Weg-Day" The action day is this Saturday the 17th of March starting 9am.

Meeting point is the building yard at the fairgrounds in Wincheringen. In the district of Söst and Bilzingen at the respective fire brigade houses. For 20 years, the commune of Wincheringen has organized the "Dreck-Weg-Day".

It is traversed by foot with the assistance of tractors. The busiest roads and paths is where we collect the garbage. The garbage is then disposed of in a container.

According to the motto: "many hands make light work", the tour only takes about 3-4 hours and at the end of the day a small snack with drinks is served by the commune.

It would be great to see you all there!!


Carneval in Wincheringen 2018

 We suppose no Wincheringer missed out on the massive Carneval celebration this year. Here are a few photos  to remind you:


Meet your neighbor: The Goedert Family

 George & Lydie Goedert

2 dogs, 4 cats and 40!! coy fishes will join George & Lydie in their new house in the Strassburger Allee.

The house needs to be finished by the 15th of April because of new owners moving in to their old house in Luxembourg. George is working day and night to get everything into place, but remains optimistic. It just has to work!:)

They both come from Bettembourg, Luxembourg. George used to work for Dupont and Lydie for the commune of Bettembourg. Both are enjoying their retirement since a few years.

They found Auf Mont through a friend and found the perfect plot. George said that the exaggerated land prices in Luxembourg would have made it impossible for him to build a bungalow with the much needed garden for the animals and themselves. In Luxembourg he would have had to build a smaller house on several floors, which they did not want.

George is a passionated ceramic´s artist and is willing to assist others who share the same interest.

As well as other families living in Auf Mont they are impressed with the area and the quality of life it comes with.

Well, welcome to Auf Mont George & Lydie!


The garden in March

- Cutting Italian clematis

Clematis viticella, carry their flowers exclusively on new wood, ie on the shoots, which are formed over the next few months. A pruning at the present time promotes the formation of strong, long shoots with numerous flower buds. If you forego a cut, the clumps of the clematis flatten from below and become lazy after only a few years.

- Cut back summer flowering shrubs

A pruning after the frost period promotes a long and rich flowering in the summer flowering ornamental shrubs (for example, summer lilacs, hydrangeas, Spierstrauch or hibiscus). The early cut leaves enough time for the plants to form vigorous shoots with luxuriant flowers in the same year

All other ornamental shrubs should be exposed: The so-called Auslichtungsschnitt, ensures enough light and air to the plants and the willingness to flower is maintained.

- Cut back the roses

Roses are cut when the forsythia flower. At this time, the sprouting begins more and there are no more strong frosts to be feared.

- Perennial beds care

Before the first perennials drive out, you should tidy up the perennial flowerbed. The stagnant plant remains of the previous year must now be removed to create space, light and air for the new release and not to hinder the already growing onions.

Katharina Dietz, Grüntextur GmbH, Saarburg



Tree care on Auf Mont

The commune of Wincheringen would like to address that the trees planted on site are NOT supposed to be cut or shaped by the inhabitants on site. This disturbs the harmony in the street and also makes the tree look awful!

The only maintenance needed is collecting the leafs in order to keep a clean and proper look of the streets.

Many thanks in advance for your help and understanding!!



New plots on the market!

The development of the 36 new plots in the 5th phase is now finally finished. Some minor things will be finalized beginning next year, but the plots are fully developed and ready to build on.

The 3 new streets that was added in this phase are:

Stockholmer Allee

Kopenhagener Allee

Amsterdamer Alllee.

A park has been placed in the heart of the area and the plots have a beautiful view towards the Moselle valley. Please come by for a visit!!



Save the date: Events in Wincheringen during December!

Here are a few interesting Events to attend during the month of December:

15.12. Christmas Tree sale starting at 5pm. At the communal utility warehouse next to the recycling station.

16.12. Christmas Tree sale starting 10am. At the communal utility warehouse next to the recycling station.

16.12. Mulled Wine (Glühwein) Event at the Church.

23.12. Mulled Wine (Glühwein) Event at the Church.

30.12. Mulled Wine (Glühwein) Event at the Fire Brigade.

31.12. Mulled Wine Party at the town center.


Christmas Party Auf Mont the 26.11.17.

The yearly Christmas Party was held once again at our sales office in the Luxemburger Allee. A lot of families showed up to enjoy some pumpkin soup, drinks and a lot of sweets. Surprisingly Nikolaus visited as well to hand out some gifts to the kids. Many thanks for joining us and we hope you had a great time. We did!!

Here are a few photos:


Meet your neighbors: Fam. Breden

We are proud to welcome another family to Auf Mont!

The family Breden from Luxembourg will move into their house in the Brusseler Allee early next year.

Family memebers are: Mother Claudine, father Denis as well as their 3 sons; Nick (28), Lex (23), Charel (21) and their dog Rocco.  Denis works for CFL (Luxembourgish Railway Company) and Claudine is a real estate accountant. Both Denis and Claudine are born and raised in the very center of Luxembourg around the area of Mersch.

Claudine has always been very active in the local basketball club where their son played and Denis is a big friend of nature and enjoys a long walks, which he looks forward to once in his new home. 

As the family decided to sell their house in Luxembourg they found an ad online from Auf Mont. After the first visit it was a done deal! They decided to move over the border! Something that Claudine would have never imagined. But the area was just too beautiful.

The cooporation with Family Park and their building company HUF Haus has worked more then well, which was a big relief for both Denis and Claudine.

Welcome to Wincheringen!!




X MAS Party 26th of November 2017 from 3-5 pm

We are very happy to invite everybody to our annual X MAS PARTY 

The party will start at 3 pm in Luxemburger Allee 22.

We will have some Gloegg and finger food , looking forward meeting you

The sales office will remain closed on Saturday due to preparations for the party





Mosel Ladies - Fitness & Fun in Wincheringen!

Mosel Ladies was founded in the fall of 2016. The idea was to gather women to come and run together in a group, instead of doing it alone. And also to get to know other women from the area. Today the group consists of approx. 30 women who meet every Sunday at 10am on the parking between the football club and the tennis club. Groups are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced and there is an experienced runner in charge of each group.

The group also participates in competitions in the nereby surroundings, for those interested.  However, all levels are welcome!

After the upcoming "Herbstferien" the group will start a new program for beginners called: " From couch to 5K". The plan is to get YOU to get up from the sofa and  be able to run  5 Km in only 12 weeks! 

Interested? If so, check out:

One of the founders, Mira Sidia, also offer fitness training in Wincheringen. The company is called "Stay Fit With Mira".

The target group is primarily mothers who want to get back in shape. Mira is a mother of 3 kids and knows how little time there is to go to Fitness Centers, etc, to work out. That is why she decided to use the local infrastructure in order to be more efficient. All levels are welcome. On Mondays she has group lessons where you also can bring your kids with you.

Interested? If so, check out:



New speed limit - sign the petition!

The IHKW decided to start a petition to lower the speed limit in Wincheringen from 50 km/h to 30 km/h.

We think this is a great idea and hope that all of you (living in WIncheringen or not) will sign the petition.

You will find all additional information in the document attached below. Please send or bring the signed paper to:

Matthias Hild

Bahnhofstraße 33

54457 Wincheringen

or via Email:

before the 15th of October 2017!


Many thanks for your support !!!



Final asphalt layer in Brüsseler and Strassburger Allee

Dear Auf Mont Residents, House-Builders,

We are informing you with this email that the company Elenz has planned to perform final asphalt works for the following streets (see picture below):

  • Strassburger Allee
  • Brüsseler Allee

Works are planned for the end of October/begin November 2017.

The duration of the work will be 2-3 days.

For those who are currently in construction phase, please check ASAP with your building company if this is ok (check if there are any cranes or bigger projects planned) and kindly get back to us at latest Friday 06.10. Please email us on

For any other residents, access to houses/plots will be very limited. Therefore we kindly ask you to consider other parking possibilities. However, we kindly ask you not to park your cars on the green stripes.

Thanks for your understanding.

With best regards,

Your Auf Mont Team



Meet your neighbors - The Gasper Family

Again, we welcome a new family to our community!

The Gasper Family is coming!

Annette Gasper is moving in with her two sons Noah (17) and Luca (15).

Annette works in a clinic in Luxembourg and is a big fan of horses, owning two herself. Noah does breakdance and Luca is a soccer player. Annette was born in Trier and knows the area very well. She has known about Auf Mont since the start, and decided to make the move over the river just a year ago.

She finds the combination of living in Germany in a great area and still not being too far away from her friends in Luxembourg perfect.

She was very happy with the  help and support from Family Park as well as her building company Loth Haus.

Annette is truly happy with the infrastructure in Wincheringen, hoping that perhaps one day a shopping center will be added...

We hereby welcome you and your family to Auf Mont and hope you will find it as great as the rest of us!!


Your Team Auf Mont 


The house of the Gasper family in the Pariser Allee.


Auf Mont is growing!

The final development of the 5th phase is slowly coming to an end.

By the end of October this year another 36 plots will be available for sale.

The plots all have a beautiful view over the moselle valley with a parc in the middle of the site. The new names mof the streets will be: Amsterdamer Allee, Kopenhagener Allee and Stockholmer Allee. You will within short time find all the info online on pricing, size of plots, 360° photos, etc. For questions or guided tours please visit our Open House every Saturday and Sunday from 14-17 or call us at +352 26701973.



Fest der Nationen 2017

The annual "Fest der Nationen" was held for the 2nd time on Sunday the 10th of September.

Last year's event (the 1st one) was a huge success. A crowded town center and stands from 15 countries was the proof of that.

This years edition was no different. With some help from above we where blessed with a beautiful day.

And again the locals from Wincheringen, as well as many others from the surrounding villages, found their way to the "Grööt".


The President of the Tennis Club in Wincheringen, Mr Philip Athen, visiting Sweden! Skål!

This year 14 stands presented a great vraiety of food, drinks and culture.

Many thanks to the organizers, the IHKW, as well as all the volunteers making it a great day!

Hope to see you all next year again!


Meet your neighbors - Fam. Spina - Van Maris

It is time to welcome another family to our community!

By the end of this month, Steve & Ramona will move to Wincheringen with their 3 kids:

Brice, 10 years & Ashley, 9 years & Mia, 8 years.

They found us through the building company Bärenhaus, that has a show house on site. The cooperation with them went so well that Ramona ended up working for them. Steve works for the POST in central Luxembourg. Steve has no problem driving to and from Wincheringen to central Luxembourg. Mainly because his working hours are different than normal office hours.

Why Auf Mont?

"The quality of life is just so special here", Ramona says. "It is a great place for kids, and the view from up here is just stunning". Steve already managed to start playing football in the Alt Herren-Team (Old Men's Team. Sorry Steve.. Sounds even worse in english) of Wincheringen, as well as the Sunday morning football up on Auf Mont.

Ramona adds that the cooperation with Family Park was a 10+, which we of course are sure to mention here..

So, welcome to Wincheringen and hope to see you at the next local event!

The house of the Spina - Van Maris family in the Strassburger Allee.


Save the date: Fest der Nationen

Make sure to be in WIncheringen on the 10.09.2017!

The great success "Fest der Nationen" is back with a 2nd edition.

This year again, we will be able to enjoy food, drinks and culture from nations represented in Wincheringen.

We know that we all highly appreciated it last year, so this year should not be different!

Want to participate?

Please contact Initiative für Heimat und Kultur Wincheringen e.V. on:



Bike 'n' Run

On mothers day, the 14th of May, the first edition of Auf Mont Bike ‘n’ Run took its place.

As always when you arrange something for the first time, you don’t really know what to expect in terms of spectators and amount of food and drinks sold..

Looking back, with some help from above with the weather, we think it is fair to say that it worked out just great!!!

To see all those kids taking of in their first race ever was just a blast! All the food was sold out as where the tickets for the tombola!

As a result of this we where able to spend a total of 850 Euros to the foundation Papillon in Trier. Team Auf Mont as well as the participating clubs decided on arranging it again next year. Date has not been decided on so far.

As always, there is room for improvement. So if you have any ideas on how to make this event even better, please let us know!

Also, all the photos are available on our homepage

A big thank you to all helpers volunteers from the Sportverein, Radsportverein and KiTa Elternverein that came through to make it a big success!

Also, a special thank you to our DJ Mark Weber, as well as our photographer Ramunas Astrauskas.




10 years ago the communes of Wincheringen and Wormeldange decided to celebrate their frienship across the border for the first time.

Last weekend the 2nd edition was celebrated.

During 2 days approx. 800 visitors enjoyed food, drinks and entertainment on the bridge.

The bad weather on the Saturday was really disappointing. But none the less, both communes decided to defy the weather gods and  go through with the program as planned.

“- The bridge is a symbol of friendship and the Moselle river is not to be seen as a border!”, said the Mayor of Wormeldange Mr Jean Beining.

“- We won’t wait another 10 years until the next Brückenfest!” , siad the Mayor of Wincheringen, Mr Elmar Schömann.

Mr Schömann also told us: “- The people deserve to experience the Brückenfest!”

Well, seems we are up for more good times in our neighborhood!!

Hope to see you all back then!


Photo: Ramunas Astrauskas


Funfair in Wincheringen

The 24th-26th of June was the date of this year´s Funfair in Wincheringen. During these 3 days over a thousand people from Wincheringen and outlaying areas came together to celebrate the annual Funfair.

Thanks to volunteers, local businesses and a fabulous community, the Wincheringer Funfair keeps on improving!

Through the years the fair has gone through many changes and weathered many storms but has always come through as a community celebration for Wincheringen.

As always, great attractions for the kids, combined with a great variety of food and drinks makes it a happy place for people all ages.

As a parent it is great to just hang outwith friends, enjoying a beer or a glass of wine, listening to great live music as you hand out more cash to your kids every 30min...:).

We would like to thank all involved making this a great event and hope to see you all back next year again!!




Bike + Run / Sales Office 13+14 Mai

We are open this saturday from 2-6 pm

On Sunday starting from 11 am until 5pm.

Vist our sales office on Luxemburger Allee 22

We are very happy to show you around and advise you about the advantages of living on AUF MONT

On Sunday the first  BIKE+RUN Event will take place.

Please meet us on the EUROPA PLATZ  for some sport and fun.

More information about the event on our webpage :



News on site: New plots for sale!

The development of the 5th phase is going really well. The company Elenz from Konz have already made great progress since re-starting the works just over a week ago.

Last autumn a total of 16 plots where developed. The extension this spring/summer will bring another 32 plots to the market. The plots have a beautiful location in a calm area of the site. Reservations can be made already today.

Please contact us if you would like to have more detailed information on the plots.



Introducing the Tennis Club!

The Tennis Club was founded back in 1981. 

With over 150 members it is one of the most active clubs in Wincheringen. The idyllic location with 2 clay courts and  a club house with locker rooms offers everything you would need as a member. The Club also offers tennis practice for all age groups in cooperation with a tennis school. The outdoor season is about to start, and the club will participate with the following teams in the club competition:

Herren 1                    A-Klasse                        U18-1 Jungen             A-Klasse

Herren 2                    D-Klasse                      U18-2 Jungen              C-Klasse

Damen                         B-Klasse                           U12 gemischt 1         A-Klasse

U 18 Mädchen           A-Klasse           U12 gemischt 2          B-Klasse

U 15 Mädchen           B-Klasse            U10 gemischt               A-Klasse

On top of that the Club also participates in the Mixed competition during July/August, organized by the Federation. Here it is all about having fun, Men & Women together starting from the age of 16.

For further information, please check:


News on site:

Town meeting the 21.2 at 6pm concerning repair works on road from Wincheringen to Luxembourg!

Starting end February/beginning March, the road leading from the round about down at the bridge, up to Wincheringen will be closed for several months. The road will be repaired and also made wider than the current road. A sidewalk will be added as well. This is of course good news, seen long term..but will of course cause us to drive a detour going to Luxembourg. So if you want to get to Wincheringen coming from Luxembourg, you need to take a right in the round about after the bridge and then a left towards Helfant and Wincheringen approx 3-4 km later.

The mayor has announced a town meeting on the 21st of February at 6pm in the Gemeindehaus to discuss the matter. The mayor, as well as the construction company, will be present at this meeting. They will try to answer all of your questions.

New road names in the 5th phase:

The Commune of Wincheringen has decided on two new names for the streets down in the 5th phase. As well as the Brüsseler Allee and the Amsterdamer Allee, we will now have the Prager Allee and the Stockholmer Allee as well.

We would like to thank the members of the board in the commune for adding a scandinavian city to Auf Mont. Much appreciated!!:)


Auf Mont Bike 'n' Run

On the 14th of May this year we would like to invite you to the 1st edition of the Auf Mont Bike ‘n’n Run!!

The event is organised by the Team Auf Mont and the local Radsportclub "Obermosel" as well as the Sports Club of Wincheringen.

During this day kids and adults can participate in either a Mountainbike -, or running event.

The motto for this year’s edition is  - To partcipate is everything-.

There will be no time measuring of the participants. Nor will there be a 1st, 2nd or 3rd price. However, all kids will get a medal for participating.

We want YOU to join the event and decide for yourself, whether you push yourself to the max or not. Most important is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere! Of course we will provide you with food, drinks and music during the day. So we hope to see many of you on site, participating or just motivating the athletes.

You will find us at the Plaza next to the Kindergarten starting approx. 10h30.                                                                                           For further details:



Meet your neighbor: Wolf System/Wolf Haus

As many of you might have noticed already, we have a new neighbor on site.

The blue house next to the round about in the Luxemburger Allee.

The house is the new sales office of the company Wolf System/Wolf Haus.

This family owned company has been on the market for over 50 years, bulding approx. 700 pre-fabricated houses a year and having over 1250 employees.

The manager on site in Auf Mont is Mr Rolf Meurer. Mr Meurer is 49 years old, living in Trier. He has over 16 years of experience in the pre-fabricated house building business and works since 4 years for Wolf System/Wolf Haus, giving him a vast exprerience in the area.

Mr Meurer has 2 kids and is a big fan of all kinds of bikes. With or without an engine!! Skiing and diving are 2 further hobbies of his.

If you would like to visit Mr Meurer in order to find out more about Wolf System/Wolf Haus, you can do so Mo-Fr 10-16 and Sat-Sun from lunch to late afternoon. He however recommends that you call/email to make an appointment.

Contact details: Phone: +49 6583 9948850. Email:

The new office of Wolf System/Wolf Haus at Auf Mont.

Mr Rolf Meurer in his new office on site.


Celebrate Carnival in Wincheringen!

It's party time in Wincheringen!!

The old and beloved tradition of celebrating Carnival is once more around the corner. And as always, with a different theme. This year's theme: The 70' and Flower Power!

So dig out your old 70's clothes (or lend/rent some) and show up at the party!

The party will be at the sports hall of the school in Wincheringen. The guests will get a spectacular show with music, dance and stand-up comedy. It is truly great fun, even if you don't get all the stand-up in the Wincheringer dialect..

Two dates are planned. The 1st Kappensitzung will be on the 11.02 and the 2nd on the 18.02. Both evenings will start at 20h11 and end...late.

Next up is the Carnival Party for Kid's & Parents on the 12.02 starting at 14h11. Get yourself and your kid dressed up (whatever comes to mind) and enjoy a great afternoon in the sports hall. Then on the 23.02 you can come by the sports hall at 15h11 for the "Fetten Donnerstag". Various drinks together with cookies & cakes with music. Later, that same night, you can celebrate the Mallorca Party with your fellow Wincher friends. Happy Hour all night long and live performances from various DJ's and artists are expected. You can buy your ticket at Autodienst Lang or Gasthaus Backendorf. Kid's party is free of charge.

And finally (as if we didn't party enough by now) we will all join forces on the streets of Wincheringen to see the yearly Parade. Over 20 teams have prepared and dressed up to entertain us. Free candy and wine for all spectators. Start: 15h11. Bring a glass!!!

All events are arranged by the KC "Wei Rünn"  WIncheringen. The club would be very happy to get new members helping them out!



First 16 plots and roads finished on the 5th phase

We now have 16 new beautiful plots available  in Auf Mont at the end of the Brüsseler Allee. This is a very peaceful and attractive area just next to the forest with direct access to walking and biking trails.


Save the date: Silvesterlauf & Silvesterglühwein

On the 31th of December the Silvesterlauf will take place again. As always organized by the Sportverein in Wincheringen. A great way to work off some calories after Christmas!! The race is free of charge and you don't have to sign up in advance. Just show up!!!

Where: Sportplatz, Wincheringen.     Start: 14.00hrs.     Distances: 10km, 7,5km and 4,5km.

So, having finished the race you go home, take a quick shower and get yourself down to the market square where the Silvesterglühwein event is taking place. From 14-18 in the afternoon you can enjoy a big variety of drinks from Glühwein, Kinderpunsch, Beer, Wincheringer viez and apple juice as well as sausages and a vegan burger called "The Blacky Burger" from the Genuss-Fabrik Trier. Mr Jörg Stoller, who own's the Genuss Fabrik Trier  together with his wife is a "Wincheringer" and learned his craft at the local butcher store Grün in Wincheringen.

Sound's like a good way to start the New Year's party? YES, it does!   We would also like to thank the Sportverein and the IHKW for organizing these great events! See posters below!






Christmas Party Auf Mont 27.11.2016.

The yearly Auf Mont Christmas party took place on Sunday the 27.11 at our sales office in Wincheringen. Drinks, finger food, sweets for the kids and traditional christmas carols where offered. A great number of guests, including our mayor Mr Schömann, showed up to make it yet another great party.

The highlight of the evening was of course our "special guest" Nikolaus (aka. Andreas) who turned up at 17 to hand out gifts to the kids. Many thanks for a job well done, Andreas!

Also, thanks to all of you that showed up to spend a few hours together with us. We really appreciated it!

Hope to see you back next year!

Nikolaus showed up at the party!


Meet your neighbor's: The Schockweiler's

Starting 2017, we will be able to enjoy the company of yet another Luxembourgish family on site:  The Schockweiler's!

André and Carole are the proud parents of Noemie (17), Lena (9) and Leo (5). For the moment they all live in Stadtbredimus in Luxembourg approx. 15min away from Wincheringen along the Moselle river.

They have almost finished building their house up in the Strassburger Allee 35. It is located in  the back top corner of Auf Mont with the forest behind them. 

They found out about Auf Mont back in 2008, and visited already then the “empty” site. They liked what they saw, and came back 2015 to buy the plot they had fallen for. Their house is now to be finished in the next weeks and they are really looking forward to joining our community!

In fact, they already signed up almost the entire family to volunteer at the Silvester-Glühwein without even having moved in! Now that’s the kind of spirit we need around here!! Respect!

Why Auf Mont?

Both Andre & Carole love the view up on Auf Mont. They also find it great to have the house just next to the forest where they can enjoy long walks together. The great variety and nice standard of the houses was another thing that appealed to them.

From day one, they felt very well taken care of by Family Park and the commune of Wincheringen when it came to supporting them and answering their questions.

Andre and Carole both work in Luxembourg (Schuttrange & Fentange) and claim that traffic is not a big issue for them, driving to and from Luxembourg .

So nothing could be better?

Well, Carole mentioned at the end of the interview that she would like to see a bus station somewhere Auf Mont. For both kid’s going to school as well as adults going to Luxembourg to work. We will take it up with the commune and come back to you if this proves to be possible!

Many thank’s to the Schockweiler’s for sharing with us!

Welcome to Wincheringen!

The backside of the almost finished house.

A very nice view over the Moselle valley.


Vandalism on Auf Mont

Vandalism on site!

For us, the main vision has always been the same:

If you live on  Auf Mont, you should really feel that you are part of something special. That you are well taken care of and that you and your kids are enjoying a great time living on Auf Mont.

We are sorry to say that some people take great pleasure in destroying this vision!!

Vandalism and grafitti, may be described as an act of violence—a hate crime—perpetrated against property and, by proxy, against a community.

Lately, persons not known to us, have sprayed graffiti all over our beautiful playground.  It’s not only expensive to repair. It also makes our communities unattractive and unsafe. And for sure it isn’t cool.

Our mayor, Mr Schömann, has filed charges against this crime. If you know or see anything that could help us in this matter, please call the police in Saarburg on: 06581- 91550. Or call us on +352 691 156553.



Top layer of asphalt laid in the 3rd phase

Finally the top layer of asphalt has been laid in the streets of Frankfurter Allee, Strassburger Allee, Pariser Allee and Danziger Allee. It was a very quick operation and we would like to thank the company Elenz from Konz for a job well done!

It does not make sense to finish the top layer on a street before most houses are built, because of all the heavy trucks passing by on the street.

 But in these streets, more or less all construction work has been done, so the time was right.

We hope that all the inhabitants are happy with the result!!




Presentation and Garden tips from Grüntextur GmbH

The company Grüntextur has been a long time partner of ours at Auf Mont. They have helped us to construct the landscaping on site and also maintained it since the start.

Here a few words from Ms Katharina Dietz, one of the owners of the company:

Our company is based in Saarburg. Founded in 2012, we work in the area of ​​Moselle-Saar, throughout Rhineland-Pfalz and Luxembourg, wherever we are needed. A landscape architect and a master gardener together lead the team of gardening and landscaping specialists of long-time trained and specialized employees. This guarantees the professional execution of the projects. We work in a team of 25 employees who are motivated and supported together. Knowledge, trends and new techniques are continually updated through training or exchange with other companies. We exclusively purchase plants from renowned tree nurseries and building materials from experienced retailers. Due to our wide-spread network, the know-how of other divisions can also be used as required.

The symbiosis of planning and execution is our strength. Through creative ideas, high design quality and detailed consulting, we offer you individual customer support. We strive to find a suitable solution for every budget.

The focus is on the customer and his or her's desire for the very personal garden paradise.

Lawn plant

If you have not managed to create a lawn in the spring, you have the opportunity to do so in October. By the end of the month lawns and meadows can still be sown, because many seeds run even in cooler weather The soil is still warm and the seed has sufficient moisture to germinate (some species even need winter cold to overcome germination). Since the outdoor time is running out, the lawn can now develop quietly.


Lawn care

With a potash fertilization in the late autumn, you increase the frost resistance of your lawn.

Planting time

The planting season has started with the leaf fall. When deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, they can be transplanted. Many trees and shrubs still form fine roots after the planting on warm autumn and winter days. Thorough watering helps the plants to grow before the frost.

Shrubs, roses, hedges and conifers can now be purchased and planted as roots. Delicate plants such as peaches, apricots or table grapes and already shrubbed perennials are planted better in spring.

When planting potted perennials, be careful not to damage the root balloon. Press the plants and pour them so that the roots get ground contact. A thin layer of humus protects soil and plants and at the same time serves as a nutrient supply.




Fest der Nationen

It was truly a great event!

Seeing all these people from all these different nations just having a great time together made you ask yourself the question why the world looks the way it does today.

A cold and hostile wind is blowing through Europe these days, telling us to close our borders and care more about ourselves instead of helping others in need.

After that day in Wincheringen that just felt downright stupid!

The president of the IHKW, Mr Donkel, said:

"It was amazing! I had hoped that it would be so - and my hopes were exceeded.
The atmosphere was very good from the beginning and got better and better during
the day and evening - and as finally the Unplugged Gang started playing, people
where singing and dancing! It was wonderful! Many thanks to all of you !!"

As far as we are informed the Fest der Nationen will come back next year! So keep an
eye open for the date.

Here a link to a photo album made by Ramunas Astrauskas : Here the link to the related article in the Trierer Volksfreund:;art803,4531414

If you are interested in joining the next year's event, please contact Mr Donkel at "Initiative für Heimat und Kultur Wincheringen e.V.”: 0049/6583-1211 or


Christmas Party 27.11.2016


Believe it or not, but Christmas IS approaching...

We would like to invite all you Auf Mont'ers to celebrate this occation together with us in our sales office in the Luxemburger Allee 22 on the 27.11 from 15.00-18.00!!

We will provide you with drinks and finger food and some gifts for the kids!

Please email us before the 20.11 if you intend to come. Also if you will bring any kids!

Hope to see you all there!



News on site

Phase 5 about to open for sale!

The development of Phase 5 has now been going on for several weeks. Slowly but surely you can start to imagine what it will look like.  The company Elenz from Konz are working hard in order to get canals, roads, etc ready as soon as possible. We expect to start promoting 15 plots of Phase 5 this fall, including an advertising campaign in various newspapers and online sites.  The entire Phase 5 will include approx. 50 plots. We’ll keep you posted on further details about the progress.



Fest der Nationen

On the 11th of September this year, "die Initiative  für Heimat und Kultur Wincheringen e.V" will, for the first time, arrange a Celebration of Nations in Wincheringen. During the whole day various countries and/or cities will present and sell their own countries specialities to the curious visitors.

So far the countries of Germany, USA, Italy, Luxembourg, Brasil, Guatemala, Iceland, Canada, Belgium, England, Scottland, Argentine, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Bulgary, Romania, Hungary, as well as the cities of Hamburg and Wincheringen have confirmed their precense. Can you add another country to the list? If so, please contact Mr Karl Donkel at

We are looking forward to the event and hope to see many of you there!! 


Green waste

Branches, leaves, hedges, shrubs and grass clippings can be submitted from the private, municipal and commercial sector at 28 green waste collection stations in the Trier area.

Allowed are:



Grass, grass clippings

Hedge trimming



Roots (not the entire root)


Branches may have a max diameter of 20 cm and a lenght of 2 m.


Garden waste from the private sector is accepted for free at all collection stations. The commercial sector  will be charged a fee of € 6,49,-/m3.


Closest one in Bilzingen.

Werner Jacobi, Bilzingen 34.

Once in Bilzingen, take a right into to the street Zum Wetterbrunnen. Continue until that road splits 3 ways. Take the middleroad up left. After 100m you have it on your left hand side.


Meet your neighbors: The Mousel-Donkels Family

And so our journey continues through the streets of Auf Mont......

This time around it has taken us to the end of the Strassburger Allee, No 19, where the Mousel-Donkels family lives since a few weeks.

The composition of the family however, does not represent the average composition of families on Auf Mont: 2 adults, 1 dog and...... 10 cats!

There is no doubt we have welcomed yet another family with a big heart for animals!!

View towards the house

Fernand works for Dupont in Contern and Yasmine works at the Maison Relais in Dreiborn, Wormeldange.

As their youngest daughter lives in Wincheringen since a few years, they came accross the project Auf Mont and decided to make the step over the water. Only 1 year after the house was sold in Luxembourg, the new house was ready to move in to. Talk about a smooth ride...

This is a true sunshine story with only positive stories to tell. Starting with the quick and easy handeling of all the paperwork from Team Familypark to a quick and efficient house builder (Drybud sarl).

The Mousel-Donkels with their dog

Why Auf Mont?

Just as all other AufMont'ers they love the view overlooking the Mousel valley. Also the fact that they have the forest behind their backyard is a big plus!

What differs AufMont from many other new communities is the fact that you don't have the "Cité-feeling". Lots of space between the houses and the proximety to the forest are great feratures. And just as a pleasant breeze moves through the quiet of the trees behind the house, you realize that you are so much luckier than many city dwellers locked up between blocks of concrete.

So there is nothing that could be better??

Well, Yasmine answers.. A playground for dogs would be great. Somewhere where the dogs could run free inside a fenced area. And where other dog owners could meet and have a chat (french for cat. Sorry for the cheap joke! Red). As well as the family Long/Skipp from the last Newsletter, they hope to see the Plaza finished asap. Would be great with a café, some shops, a doctor and perhaps even a pharmacy on site?

FYI.: This is a priority for us and we are currently in negotiations with various companies in order to make it happen!!

We thank Yasmine and Fernand for their time and their honest opinions and once again welcome them to our community AufMont!!


Our Neighbors

On a sunny Wednesday evening (for a change) we had the pleasure of visiting one of our Auf Mont- families; Mr Adam Long and Dr Jennifer Skipp and their two children Johnny (7) and Jackson (5), living in the Danziger Allee 6.

They have now lived on site for 3 years and they all really enjoy the house and the community on  site. Adam works for Cargolux in Luxembourg and Jennifer works for the universities of Trier and Luxembourg.

View from the Danziger Allee!

How did they find us?

After having moved from Austria to Luxembourg, they where looking for a place to “settle down”. A spontanious visit to Auf Mont really got them convinced.

After having seen the Plaza, the amazing view and the Playground as well as having a friendly conversation with one of the locals, they made the decision to become Auf Monters!!

Today Jennifer is active in the Elternverein of the KiTa, and Adam is organizing the Sunday morning football at the playgrounds. He also plays with the “Alt Herren” of Wincheringen as well.

A great example of integration in Wincheringen.

They where really pleased with the treatment of the Auf Mont Team, getting them information and answers to their questions.

They also stated that they would like to see a community forum on site, in order to arrange Events, Parties and potentially help newcommers with advice and help concerning house building, schools, shops, etc.

This is something we are currently working on and we will address this again at a later time, to see who would like to help out with this project.

It was a real treat spending an hour with this family and we thank them for sharing the information with us!

Important: If you  consider yourself  as “the Football player that REALLY enjoys that beer afterwards”, please contact Adam!!

We will be back with a new member of the Auf Mont family in our next edition: The Mousel family in the Strassburger Allee 19. The house is close to being completed, and they are just waiting to move in.....


Save the date:

The annual fair in Wincheringen will take it's place between the 25th-27th of June at the fair ground next to the fire brigade. Bring your family and kid's to a great weekend with bumper cars, shooting gallery, wheel of fortune, food & drinks!

For further information on Events in Wincheringen 2016, please visit:


Come visit us:

Our sales office in the Luxemburger Allee 22 is open all weekends from 14-18. We will also have contruction companies present to answer your questions. The information will be for free and not binding you in any way to the company. The following companies will host the following dates:

26th of June     Bärenhaus

3rd of July            Weber Haus

10th of July      H.P. Linden

17th of July      Bärenhaus

Your visit is much appreciated!!



News on site:

For the moment our top priority is to keep AUF MONT clean and cared for. Especially the green strips are high maintenance work.

Therefore we have hired 3 students for the summer season, added to the 2 employees we have already.


Please welcome Lukas, Tatjana & Jan to our Auf Mont Team!

Make sure you make them feel "home"!

If you spot them on site, don't hesitate to say hi or to spoil them with some sweets!!!:)

PS. It would be much appreciated if you can help us by mowing the green strip in front of your house, if you have one.. Many of you do it already, but just as a short reminder..DS.