Siteplan AUF MONT

Here you can find all our available plots and prices:

Price Of Land
Plot Size Price (€) Photos Expose
581.508 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
591.425 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
601.344 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
681.070 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
79991 m²206.200360 °PDF
88752 m²172.960PDF
89761 m²175.030 
93770 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
1071.056 m²229.800360 °PDF
113957 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
123966 m²188.300360 °PDF
124795 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
Price Of Land
Plot Size Price (€) Photos Expose
134815 m²195.600 
135755 m²181.200 
136671 m²161.040 
137637 m²RESERVED 
138680 m²RESERVED 
139668 m²RESERVED 
140697 m²167.280 
195752 m² 
211855 m² 
271877 m² 
272797 m² 
300727 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
Price Of Land
Plot Size Price (€) Photos Expose
306661 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
312757 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
315724 m²162.900360 °PDF
322772 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
324761 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
326713 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
327728 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
328747 m²RESERVED360 °PDF
336849 m²RESERVED 
337945 m²226.800 
338861 m²206.640 
339967 m²232.080 

Building Land

The plots shown in blue are available, the yellow ones are reserved and red are already sold.

Please make note that a reserved plot could become available again so please contact us if you like to be notified if a reserved plot becomes free again.

The beige plots are yet to be developed. It is possible to make a tentative reservation for undeveloped plots.



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