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 Family Lijzenga-Barbova:

We feel very much at home here in Auf Mont, Wincheringen, where we have been living since July 2019.

The friendly community and the professionalism of the Auf Mont team made us feel welcome as of the first day.
The breathtaking views, the long forest walks and the good regional wine and food give us a holiday feeling every weekend!

And for the unavoidable weekdays, the commute to Luxembourg takes us through beautiful scenery and ensures a great start of the day!
We hope to be part of the Auf Mont community for many years to come!


Family den Brok-Polderman:

We have been living in Wincheringen, Auf Mont since summer 2019.

We were very impressed with Auf Mont after our first visit. The great location, the beautiful houses, the tranquility and the proximity to Luxembourg.

We feel very welcome here and have met many nice people from Wincheringen. The open nature of the people who live here is really heartwarming. It is especially nice to live here with small children, as the children can play outside and find each other easily. Our oldest daughter has already made friends and our youngest daughter goes to daycare in Wincheringen.

It is great that this is possible in the village and you can also walk to the daycare or bakery. For us, this possibility increases the quality of life very much. We look forward to the bike and run event in summer!


Family Küpper:

We are still very young here in the Auf Mont residential area, but without prejudice to that, we can say that we feel very welcome.

 We are particularly impressed by the open and cordial manner in which we meet people here, and of course by the wonderful piece of nature that surrounds us but also of the opportunities that arise for us here, especially with two small children.

What is decisive for us as fully working parents is, of course, and was knowing how to accommodate our children here during the day commuting to Luxembourg to have an acceptable commuting distance.

We were able to find both combined here and in the summary we only have to say everything fits and we are happy to have found our new home here as a family.


Christopher & Isabelle Marois Hastings:

Even after seven years as Auf Mont residents, we’re still amazed with the incredible community atmosphere Wincheringen has to offer.  Every time we drive into Wincheringen, it feels like we’re not only going home, but going on vacation in the beautiful Mosel valley, again and again!


 Dr Jenny Skipp & Adam Long

Since we started living here three and a half years ago, there has been an increasing interest in sports in the community.  There really is something for everyone: football, cycling, running, keep-fit classes.  Their growth represents the interest of the people living here, so it was great to see Family Park organising a Bike and Run event last year, which not only involved those of us who already run or cycle, but also kids, who could have a go and get involved and created a great atmosphere to watch the action and get together with friends.  It was a great day!